The last mining stock I recommended readers buy at 0.06 per share shot up to over $1 within 12 months. Remember it?

It helped you guys turn every $5,000 into $100,000. I’m still getting thank-you emails for that one.

Well, I think I’ve found another one to kick off 2021 which should go up just as much!

While many investors (such as Warren Buffett with Barrick Gold) are betting on large mining companies, I’m instead focusing on Palayan Resources (Ticker: PLYN), a junior miner that has just made a significant discovery on one of its properties…

And I am confident that it could be the next mining stock to deliver strong gains for my readers.

Their latest drill results show potential Gold and Silver reserves worth $800,000,000.

This discovery would make Palayan Resources the single most undervalued mining stock on the entire stock market right now and it’s also the reason why I believe that its share price will hit at least $3

Analysts predict that gold stocks will go through the roof this year as people buy and hold them to beat inflation as the U.S treasury continues printing new money.

This means that stocks like PLYN could experience unprecedented gains.

The time to invest is now. Once the gold starts coming out, it’ll be too late because it will be at over $3

Readers who want to invest in gold should buy Palayan Resources (Ticker: PLYN) now while it’s trading at a rare discount.