Wall Street banks endorsed the stocks with buy ratings which caused them to jump on pricing. Shares of Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ: AMD) and NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) were up 4.5% and 5%, respectively.

So what’s up with that?

Raymond James analysts endorsed NVIDIA and gave it a strong buy rating after the company has been on a roll after announcing plans to enter into the central processing unit (CPU) market with their new “Grace” chip. This move will pin it against AMD and Intel, which usually saw eye-to-eye as buyers usually paired up NVIDIA’s graphics cards with the other companies’ processors.

Investors seem to like NVIDIA’s chances of pulling market share from its rivals, represented by looking away from AMD and focusing on NVIDIA stocks.

However, other analysts also mentioned that now is the time to buy AMD’s stocks, as they believe that it will still maintain the upper hand for at least three more years.

The Bank of America reemphasized its own buy $100 price target on AMD and reminded its investors that Intel’s and NVIDIA’s new products wouldn’t be on the market for a couple of years. This gives AMD enough time to create and maintain a significant advantage over the next decade.

What comes next?

Both companies’ chances seem higher than Intel’s, but a victor between the two will probably be decided until after NVIDIA’s new processors make their first appearance on the market.

Whether they are a hot buy right now or not, investors must keep in mind that hardware prices and new technologies are bound to rise in the next couple of years, making both AMD and NVIDIA possible candidates for a good buy.