Investing for the long term is the basic strategy in the stock market. Holding onto your investments for years may bring you high rewards. However, it is pretty challenging to see years or even decades into the future, and if 2020 taught us anything, the unexpected could always strike.

There are some ways to counter the possible risks of investing in the long run. Identifying companies with growth potential and competitive advantages is one way while identifying super trends is another. These trends will allow specific companies to rise above others in the future.

Let’s look at two tech stocks that represent both stability and growth potential due to new major technology trends.

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT)

The tech goliath famous for its Windows operating system, and the Office suite has been pumping its resources into cloud services in recent years.

The company has enjoyed stability for what it seems forever and possesses an extensive product portfolio accompanied by scaling potential. For the first half of fiscal 2021, the company’s sales have increased almost 15%.

No surprised here. Businesses in the modern world need technology the same way humans need water. The need for software services and remote collaboration due to the 2020 pandemic has triggered tech and cloud connection growth in the past several months.

Even though Microsoft competes with Amazon, Alphabet, and Apple, the company still holds its ground. Currently holding 20% of the cloud market share, Microsoft Azure server products and cloud services have gained traction. By keeping that 20% in the next 10 years, the company is bound to grow and expand its cloud services annually.

There is too much to gain and minimal risk when it comes to Microsoft. It is well known as a relatively safe stock. With new technology trends on the rise, it is bound to grow faster than the market can keep up.


A pioneer and leader in computer GPUs’ design and production, NVIDIA’s products have become vital for cryptocurrency mining hardware, robotics, pc gaming, data centers, and autonomous vehicles.

Current tech trends are expected to define the next decade of the market. Blockchain, AI technology, remote connections and videogames are becoming increasingly popular, NVIDIA’s products will see an increase in demand.

There is a risk associated with this demand. The videogame industry is known to have a constant cycle that replaces its products every couple of years, with players and customers demanding better graphics each time. In the cryptocurrency sector, the industry itself is volatile and might seem to drop in demand for NVIDIA’s chips if crypto prices plummet. If something terrible were to happen, the stock prices would tank.

Still, NVIDIA is a fast grower, and its products are a staple in quality in performance in the sector. The company is connected to the most anticipated upcoming tech trends in the next 10 years. This represents exponential growth opportunities for the company and its investors. If you have the stock, hold it. You’ll reap its benefits in years to come.