We’ve talked about the short squeezes involving GameStop and some other businesses that have lately hit the headlines in every financial source.

They had riled up both young and veteran investors these past few weeks, as lucky investors that held these stocks before their stratospheric increase experienced high earnings.

Even though these squeezes have fallen in terms of short-term winnings, people are still looking for big bucks with these strategies despite the high risk they now carry.

We encourage you to look another way, specifically towards recent opportunities for technology stocks. These companies have presented favorable returns due to new market trends. Let’s take a look at some of them.


No surprise here. The tech giant has had a winning record ever since it was founded back in 1994. If you look at how the company began as a bookstore and then grew into an online retail giant, you could see one constant variable: innovation.

Amazon has demonstrated that it is willing to adapt to meet its consumers’ needs in every way possible, going as far as changing consumerism forever. While this does not signify that all of its projects will be home runs, the company’s willingness to take risks and redirect lots of capital into growth speaks for its success.

Despite being one of the world’s largest companies, Amazon is still growing at an inspiring rate. The company increased sales in the recent fourth quarter by 44% to around $125.6 billion. In the same period, share earnings increased 118%.

The company’s growth will probably continue a tad slower, given the world resuming back to pre-pandemic behaviour. However, new consumer trends have already been created and satisfied, meaning that Amazon’s growth story will continue to write itself for years to come.


Large publishers and tech companies have been buying videogame companies and development studios to create new interactive entertainment products.

Zynga has been featured recently as a possible purchase for Electronic Arts. The firm has been buying several other companies like Glu Mobile. This means that Zynga’s stock might stabilize, limit its risks, and have a good shot of generating significant returns for its holders.

Zynga is a mobile publisher that has benefited from mobile gaming tendencies in the videogame market. The company has acquired some businesses on its own, with its $1.8 billion deal to acquire Peak Games spearheading their strategy and leading to sales growth. The company has amassed a vast collection of development studios, creating new pathways towards returns.

Making a move on Zynga’s stock hoping that Electronic Arts might purchase it is risky. However, a good thing to keep in mind is that Zynga doesn’t depend on a more prominent player paying a premium.

With the expansion of the videogame industry on the rise, Zynga’s resources can be put into action and benefit from it, delivering good returns to its shareholders.