Author: Tom Wallace

Lockdowns are starting again in many parts of the world as the sanitary crisis continues…

The new variant seems to be causing a lot more trouble than we expected and the stock market is feeling the heat.

Just like at the beginning of the last lockdown though, there are incredible opportunities to invest money in the right stocks and make huge profits.

The last biotech stock in this industry which I recommended our readers buy jumped 500% within 90 days.

This is why today we are talking about a new biotech stock with similar potential: Biolife Sciences (Symbol: BLFE)

BLFE has quadrupled in the last weeks but this is likely just the start, and a massive sign that it should soar much higher.

BioLife Sciences offers a 360° solution to sanitization with an exclusive product range called Eco-Safe that includes gels, sprays, ultraviolet tech, human temperature screening tech with AI integration, large sanitization machines (which they use to sanitize aircrafts, luggage, and airports) and much more.

Demand has never been this high. BLFE’s products can already be found across countless airport terminals, offices and homes across America.

That’s because products like BioLife Sciences’ have become part of everyday life for billions of people in the world.

The virus detection and eradication industry went from being non-existent to becoming worth over $100 billion+ virtually overnight.

BLFE is poised to go up very quickly and could easily gain 500% in the next 60 days.

This is why I am recommending that readers take a close look at it right now.

A good price to buy shares of BLFE today is around $0.90 before it jumps higher.