The last 4 stocks we recommended here helped readers turn every 5,000 Euros invested into more than 70,000 euros.

This is why my page has gained so many followers in the last few months.

The stock market is hot, and readers can make a fortune if they pick the right shares to buy.

Today we will do it again…

The next stock with 1,000% potential is: Thunderbird Resorts Inc. (Euronext Symbol: TBIRD)

Thunderbird Resorts operates a network of casinos in Central America which are all running since there is no lockdown in that region.

Investors recently realized that Thunderbird Resorts is thriving in this climate and have sent its share price from $0,06 to over $0,40… but this is just the start.

Data shows that Thunderbird Resorts, Inc could have one of the largest short positions in Europe. This position could in fact be bigger than GameStop’s (that stock in the US which jumped from $20 to $350 on a short squeeze last month)

Thunderbird Resorts could rise just as much and become Europe’s largest short squeeze of 2021.

All technical indicators show that Thunderbird Resorts could climb more than 1,000% and become a much stronger short squeeze than even GameStop.

Those coming into TBIRD today at under $0,40 will should manage to see the stock go to over $5

Company Name Thunderbird Resorts Inc.
ISIN VGG885761061
Symbol TBIRD
Target Price $5
Exchange Euronext Amsterdam
Rating Buy Recommendation