Tom Wallace – [wpdts-date]

On February 21, at the beginning of the sanitary crisis, I wrote an article on another financial paper where I called the biotech stock “CODX” an immediate buy at $3 per share.

The crisis then quickly worsened and CODX’s new test kits started selling like hot buns…

Within 90 days, CODX’s share price reached $23 and my readers locked in 700%+ profits.

My readers have been asking me to find another stock which has the potential to go up very much as well and I believe I’ve finally found it:

Preveceutical Medical Inc. (Canada Stock Exchange Symbol: PREV)


Preveceutical Medical is developing state of the art medical therapies which are poised to generate fortunes for the company and its shareholders.

Their current pipeline alone is a good reason to buy the stock:

  • A proprietary dual Gene Therapy targeting type 2 diabetes which is near completion.
  • A Non-addictive Analgesic. This novel medicine treats pain without the use of addictive opioids. It could revolutionize the pain-killer industry and become a true disruptor.

That being said, the main reason why I think the stock price could be about to run is because of a new breakthrough their scientists made…

They have developed the first cannabinoid-based (CBD) spray which will provide relief across a range of symptoms depending on the exact kind of CBD formula inserted into the nasal spraying device.

This may be why the company’s President and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Mak Jawadekar, left Pfizer after 28 years as responsible for Drug Delivery Technology to join PREV.

This is a powerful endorsement and it tells me that something massive may be right around the corner.

Those who miss out on getting in now will likely regret it once the stock takes off.

With the strong potential to jump from 4.5 cents to 20 cents, my readers should consider PREV today before it jumps higher.