With Good Friday at hand, many investors are in doubt on whether the stock market will be open for business during the day or not. 

Well, the quick answer is no. 

However, several events took place over the course of last week that give us solid reasons to be excited about the market’s return to business next week. So we might as well prepare ourselves for that day with our newfound “free” time.

But before delving into that matter, here are some indications given by the stock market’s most prominent players regarding their respective Good Friday workflows.

The stock market’s working hours for Good Friday 2021 

  • Most banks and post offices will still be open on Friday the 2nd, 2021.
  • The New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq will not be providing any services during the day. The same applies to any U.S. over-the-counter market.
  • U.S. bond markets will operate on Friday but will work on a holiday schedule for that day only. In this case, they’ll close earlier at noon.
  • The following will be closed regarding international stock markets: The London Stock Exchange, The Toronto Stock Exchange, The Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and The Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
  • However, the following will keep their regular work hours intact: The Tokyo Stock Exchange and The Shanghai Stock Exchange.
  • Once Monday arrives, most of the stock-related markets will open at 9:30 a.m. EDT, as usual. Some notable exceptions will be The London Stock Exchange which will suspend its activities for next week’s Monday, and The Hong Kong Stock Exchange will suspend them for both next week’s Monday and Tuesday.

What to expect for next week’s Monday?

So, what happened this week that makes us excited for the nearby future of the stock market? Past Wednesday, U.S. President Joe Biden publicly unveiled his American Jobs Plan, backed up with an initial investment of $2.25 trillion to kick-start it. 

This initiative, if properly executed, would be able to create millions of jobs and rebuild the country’s economic infrastructure. This means that several pandemic-related shortcomings of the market would finally be overcome, something that would massively help stock investors, as their most affected stocks would be able to grow once again closer to their pre-pandemic values.

Furthermore, ever since it was first revealed, it has already provoked some notable market effects. Last Thursday, the S&P 500 index’s value topped at 4000 for the first time. 

If this economic rebound can maintain itself for the long run, its effect on the market would accomplish just what has been needed market-wise since the very first day of the pandemic. And you could get the better of it by taking advantage of its starting effects by investing on Monday while it’s still on the rise from last Thursday’s events.

However, many investors are still worried over the possibility of this initiative overheating itself and negatively affect the economy once again. For this reason, we still recommend maintaining a safe and strategic investment workflow, as you would always do in every other scenario. For more information regarding this risk, you can keep track of many investors who have opted to monitor this new plan.