Published by: Ronald Brown

Those of you who have been reading my articles know that the last 3 stocks I featured went up 243%, 325% and 430% respectively.

Today, I want to talk about a company which could easily outperform these.

The name of the company is WoodBois Ltd and it trades under the ticker WBI in London.

But before I tell you why I’d bet the farm on this stock, let me ask you one thing…

Did you know that Tesla, for the longest time, made most of its money not from selling cars but from selling carbon credits?

This is still the most profitable part of Tesla’s business.

How does it work?

Tesla receives these credits from the government because they take carbon out of the environment, then they turn around and sell the credits to companies who pollute too much.

In 2020, Tesla sold over £1 BILLION worth of carbon credits. This is basically free money, created out of thin air (pun intended).

Why are these credits so valuable and important one might ask?

That’s because certain companies (like Volkswagen for instance) are unable to keep their emissions as low as the government requires, so they buy credits from other companies in order to offset their extra emissions.

That’s why the carbon credit market is worth a staggering £200 BILLION+ and experts estimate it will shoot past £1,000 BILLION+ in the next 7 years as governments tighten rules.

This is also the reason why I believe WoodBois Ltd could go from just a few pence per share to well over £0.50 soon.

WoodBois owns over 1,000,000 acres of pure forest concessions across Africa.

It is among the largest in the world, and yet up until recently, the company was not selling its carbon credits because it was not part of the program. Instead they were harvesting the trees, processing them and selling them.

Their business model has now changed though for the better.

They’ve begun working on selling carbon credits and their revenues could be on the verge of exploding!

These 1,000,000+ acres have the potential to generate billions of pounds for WoodBois and its shareholders.

Oddly enough, it seems very few investors have realized the magnitude of this development and that has left the shares extremely undervalued at this time.

WoodBois could easily become London’s most profitable stock for investors this year and that is why I am recommending readers take a close look at it right now.

Those who don’t buy shares of WoodBois today will likely regret it in hindsight when the stock is trading hundreds of percent higher.

A good price to buy shares of WoodBois right now up to 4.7 pence (£0.047)

Company: WoodBois Ltd
Ticker: WBI