Published by: Tom Tremblay


The current sanitary crisis has forced governments to start printing dollars. Trillions of them.

Hyperinflation is imminent and investors need to find ways preserve their wealth and grow it.

I’ve spent the last few weeks searching for a stock that can thrive during this “money printing” era…

Were you aware that precious metals are practically guaranteed to go up in value as governments keep the presses moving?

This is why instead of paying $1,800 per ounce of gold, investors can get into a gold company whose cost to mine it is just a few hundred dollars per oz.

That’s precisely what Warren Buffett did. He invested billions into gold stocks a few months ago.

Today, I am turning my attention to Valorem Resources Inc. (Canada Stock Exchange Symbol: VALU) which is still very undervalued in my opinion.

Those of you who follow me regularly know that I love our Canadian stocks. They’ve been extremely profitable.

The last Canadian mining company I recommended at $0.06 per share shot up to over $1 within 18 months.

Every $5,000 invested turned into over $100,000

I am very confident that Valorem Resources could be next.

Why is everyone starting to invest in this stock?

The answer is simple… Valorem is currently exploring its two properties Eastern Canada.

The first one covers 7,000 hectares and drill results have shown a concentration of gold at a huge 12.2 grams per ton which is very high.

It is located 35 kilometers away from the Queensway Gold project owned by “New Found Gold Corp” whose share price has soared around 1,000% since they discovered gold there.

The second property consists of over 1,000 Hectares on “Black Dog Lake” another prominent gold area in Eastern Canada.

Drill results there have shown even higher concentrations of gold… up to 15.2 grams per ton!

Everything is pointing to a stock that should be trading considerably higher.

VALU’s share price could easily reach over $2 in the next 8-16 weeks and over $5 by the end of the year.

The time to get in is now. Once the gold starts coming out, the share price will be out of reach.

A good entry point for readers right now is around $0.25 before it jumps higher again.