Published by: Tim Kraimer
Biotech stocks have been making investors a fortune. Some of them have gone up as much as 2,000% within months. It’s possible to easily turn a $5,000 investment into over $100,000 if you know which stock to buy. The last three stocks I brought to the attention of our readers gained on average 457% each. Today, I believe that the next stock to make such a move is Excellerant Inc (Ticker: EXCL) Biotech stocks are by far the hottest stocks at the moment and even Warren Buffett has invested recently!

EXCL could be on the verge of a massive run that could allow investors to turn every $1,000 into more than $10,000

EXCL’s Digital Diagnostics has developed cutting-edge technology which detects COVID and other diseases in real time using your smartphone.
The proprietary platform on which this technology is built is revolutionary and has been covered extensively by the scientific community who’s called it a “once-in-a-generation breakthrough” The company has invented a patch which sticks to the skin and which can feed real time data to your smartphone. The data feed can basically be anything from COVID detection to the flu, sugar levels, cholesterol and much more, all in real time.

This technology is the result of decades of extensive R&D with the largest universities of medicine and most prominent professors in diagnostics technologies.

A good entry point for readers looking to buy EXCL now is around $30 before it jumps higher.